Zelensky calls for peace talks with Russia in new video title

  • Ukrainian President Zelensky has called for peace talks with Moscow, in a new video address.
  • He warned that if nothing happened, it would take Russia “several generations to recover” from the losses.
  • British intelligence reported that Russian advances in Ukraine had “largely stalled on all fronts”.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for comprehensive peace talks with Russia to stop its invasion, warning that Ukrainian retaliation will take Russia “several generations” to recover.

“I want everyone to hear me now, especially in Moscow. It’s time to meet. Time to talk,” he said. “It is time to restore territorial integrity and justice to Ukraine. Otherwise, it will take several generations for Russia’s losses to recover,” Zelensky said in a video speech.According to Reuters.

Despite horrific images from Ukraine showing besieged cities and refugee crisisRussia was surprised by the strength of the Ukrainian opposition, with Putin’s attacks on cities in an attempt to target Ukrainian morale.

British intelligence recently reported Russia’s advance in Ukraine “has largely stalled on all fronts,” with US intelligence reporting 7,000 Russian soldiers killed in the fighting.

Russian forces continued to destroy cities and towns throughout Ukraine, with the city of Mairopol – a city in southeastern Ukraine – See maternity hospitals, cinemas, iron factories and homes were buried.

Writing on TelegramThe regional governor of Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, Serhiy Gaidai, announced that a humanitarian corridor will be opened for evacuations on Saturday.

Several humanitarian corridors and a ceasefire were previously agreed with the Russians, including in the besieged Mariupol, but they did so. Fail over and over again.

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