The word to help unleash Russian invaders in Ukraine

The Kiwans have a ploy to unleash the Russian invaders, the “saboteurs” who are operating in the country to help Russia. Only one word.

“Palyanytsa” is the key word that distinguishes between Ukrainians and Russians. Kiev residents are forcing suspects to pronounce the name of a traditional Ukrainian bread – a word that no Russian can say correctly. The trap of the word “palyanytsa” meaning strawberry in Russian never fails and is as old as the Soviet wars.

According to the AFP, this system also has a modern version of the checkpoints run by armed volunteers. Pasha, a taxi driver from Kiev, invented his own trap: he begins to sing the latest Ukrainian hit song “Olini, Olini” and “waits to see if anyone else can continue”.

According to residents, people are waiting in the jungle and fearing attacks by Russian forces attacking civilians. “They look like they’ve here, but they’re starting to shoot the residents,” explains Andrei Levanschowk, who works at a local bank.

At night, vandals plant landmines and mark the roofs of some buildings to be bombed later.

Infiltrates Ukraine before the war

Viktor Selov, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and commander of the Special Forces “Lance”, promised the AFP to control the incursions. To disrupt daily life in our cities and towns and military bases ”.

According to Selovan, the cells of the Russian special services and the GRU (military intelligence) were “stationed here before the war and responsible for preparing for the invasion”. According to the Ukrainian commander, another group was formed by “intelligence agents whose sole purpose was to assassinate several Ukrainian officials.”

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Oleksiy Danilov, national security adviser, told the Wall Street Journal before the invasion that “the Russian spy network was established many years ago. We have not removed it yet, there is a lot of work to be done.”

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