The US Secretary of Defense has prostate cancer

A post-surgery infection put him in a secret hospital that even Joe Biden didn't know about

US Secretary of Defense diagnosed with prostate cancer Lloyd Austin was hospitalized earlier this year in a controversial case after the US President was not informed of his hospitalization. However, the White House has already said that Joe Biden was only informed of the Pentagon chief's diagnosis this Tuesday.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told a news conference that “it is not appropriate for a situation like this to continue without the commander-in-chief's knowledge.” Two hospitals of its security manager.

The top man in charge of America's defense and the Army's second-in-command underwent invasive surgery on Dec. 22, Walter Reed National Army Medical Center announced, after a lab confirmed the diagnosis.

Lloyd Austin was hospitalized with a urinary tract infection following the same surgery on January 1.

The hospital where the politician is being treated says progress is being made and a full recovery is expected, although the process is expected to continue slowly.

Lloyd Austin never lost consciousness and did not have to undergo general anesthesia during the January 2 procedure. Post-operative symptoms include nausea with abdominal pain and pain in the hips and legs.

The hospitalization of the Defense Secretary remained a secret for days, even from the President of the United States. Joe Biden was notified of the lawsuit almost a week later.

Asked why secrecy surrounding the diagnosis was being maintained, a Pentagon spokesman said it was a “deeply private” situation. Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said the Biden administration “will continue to work to make sure we address [o assunto] in the most obvious way possible.”

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