The Ukrainian military has announced the death of a fifth Russian general

The Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Saturday that a fifth Russian general had been killed in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

This is according to the report of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Andrei Mortvich, commander of the 8th Army in the southern region.

The Russian officer was killed in the municipality of Chornobaivka, near the city of Kherson (south), the Ukrainian military said in a statement quoted Turkish news agency Anatolia.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the then Soviet Union did not lose so many commanders in three weeks, even during World War II (1939-1945).

Claims about military casualties on both sides are not independent verification.

Russia has not released casualties in the war

Russia has not released its casualties in the war in Ukraine, which occupied the country on February 24, but acknowledged that 498 people were killed after seven days of fighting.

The Ukrainians claim to have killed more than 14,000 Russians, and the United States previously estimated Moscow’s losses at between 2,000 and 4,000 troops.

The UN has confirmed the deaths of 816 civilians, including 59 children, as of Thursday, but warned that the actual number was “significantly higher”.

The war in Ukraine, which entered its 24th day on Saturday, left more than 3.2 million refugees, the worst crisis in Europe since World War II.

According to the United Nations, about 13 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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