The former president of Ukraine has accused the authorities of preventing him from leaving the country

Members of his European Solidarity Party, quoted by the Ukrainian media, said the border police had no reason to detain him under martial law because he had documents proving that he was officially traveling as a Member of Parliament.

Poroshenko, a member of the parliamentary committee to coordinate with the European Union (EU), said he was going to Lithuania to attend a NATO parliamentary meeting.

According to his party, he was barred from crossing the border into Poland on Friday on the grounds that the code used to authorize a document (QR) was not working, while officials said today that he had no documents.

The fifth Ukrainian president, who was defeated in the 2019 election by current President Volodymyr Zhelensky, has been under investigation since 2021 on charges of treason for allegedly buying coal in the Donbass held by Russian separatists.

Poroshenko, considered one of Ukraine’s richest men, was released from prison in January.

A week ago, in a video released with the testimony of Viktor Medvetsk, a close Kremlin opponent captured by Ukrainian forces after escaping from house arrest, he released accusatory statements against Poroshenko.

On Friday, Ukrainian authorities issued an arrest warrant against former President of the Constitutional Court Oleksandr Dupitsky, who was convicted of crimes against justice and left the country illegally last month.

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