The FBI has revealed that Brian Laundry acknowledged the death of his girlfriend, KP Pettito, in a notebook

U.S. FBI investigators have confirmed that Brian Laundry was the author of the death of young KP Pettito this Friday. The confession about the murder was found in a notebook with the remains of the laundry.

“Analysis of the note book revealed evidence written by Mr Laundry responsible for Miss KP’s death,” the official said.

It should be noted that the notebook was discovered in October last year in the same area where the human remains were found, which was later proven to belong to KP’s boyfriend.

“No one other than Brian Laundry has been identified in the investigation into the tragic death of Coffee Pettito. Throughout the investigation, the FBI’s primary focus has been on bringing justice to KP and his family,” the Denver FBI social network wrote in a statement on Twitter.

The couple’s case shocked the United States and the world. KP and Brian took their bags and set off on a road trip in a modified van in July. A month later, at the end of July, the young woman, who was sharing her daily life on social media, stopped showing her “adventure” and lost contact with her family.

On September 1, Brian returned home alone to Florida. Ten days later, Pettito’s family announced that the young woman was missing, and that she had died on September 20, and an autopsy revealed that she had been strangled to death.

The following month, October 19, Brian’s remains were found. The autopsy concluded that the young man had “died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.”

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