The far right gets a red card from French voters

Contrary to the results of opinion polls, the far right was defeated in the legislative elections in France. Of the 577 seats allocated in parliament, Jordan Bartella and Marine Le Pen’s National Union has 143 representatives. Voters voted overwhelmingly to elect the left-wing union Nova Frente Popular as the main political force, with 182 elected. Juntos, the centrist coalition led by President Emmanuel Macron’s renaissance, came in second with 168. In light of the results, Prime Minister Gabriel Atal announced his resignation this Monday.

The fourth most voted power is the Republican Party, with 45 seats in the new design of the Palais-Bourbon, the National Assembly, also known as the House of Commons.

The reaction of the head of the national association was not long in coming. Jordan Bartella characterized the left’s success as the result of “unnatural political alliances” and “dangerous arrangements”. Referring to electoral deals “planned from the Élysée”, French far-right leader Emmanuel Macron said they had “plunged the country into uncertainty and instability” and that the electoral deals had “plunged France into the far-left arms of Jean-Luc Mélenchon”. ”.

Bardella’s criticism was directed at Macron and the “republican coalition” called for by Gabriel Atal last week after learning that the National Union had won the first round. The main protagonists of the “health blockade” on the right are Macron’s Juntos and the New Popular Front, whose most visible face is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the founder of left-wing radical France Insubmissa.

Speaking first after the first forecasts were published, Mélenchon said the new People’s Front was “ready to rule”, “breaking the trap that had been set for the country” with predictions that the far right would come to power. Olivier Faure, head of the Socialist Party, guaranteed that the left coalition would “start a new page” in the country’s history.

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Marine Le Pen, who responded later than the others, said the victory of the National Union was “postponed”. “The tide is rising. This time it did not go up enough, but it continues to go up,” he said. Even so, his party is expected to get a historic number of delegates.

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