Macron “must bend”. The coalition left is pulsating with the far right falling short of an absolute majority

Damage control. This is the slogan at Rassemblement National HeadquartersThe results projected the far-right party to an unexpected third place, a week after the first round, in which it confirmed a victory.

Party leader Jordan Bartella opened by thanking voters for what he described as a “patriotic wave”. However, he was quick to point to “disrespectful alliances” on the left.

“Unfortunately, dishonorable coalitions are unable to restore French politics tonight. Tonight, the electoral alliances are pushing France into the arms of Jean Luc Mélenchon’s extreme left,” responded the far-right candidate.

“Despite a second round of campaigning marked by anti-natural alliances, in which the French tried in every way to prevent them from freely choosing a different policy, the Rassemblement National today achieved the most important advance in its entire history”He also wanted to inspire Jordan Bartella at the Cessnay du Roi Pavilion, southeast of Paris.

“Taking into account the policy that will be implemented in the coming months and does not respond to any concerns of the French, the Rallye Nationale is the only alternative to a single party,” he would assess.

Then it was Marine Le Pen’s turn. Grabbing a microphone from TF1, the Rassemblement figure approached the press to shout, “Our victory is postponed.”.

Le Pen tried to evoke the idea of ​​her “first” party in France: “The tide is rising. This time it is not so high, but it continues to rise, and as a result, our victory is postponed. I have more experience to be disappointed as a result of doubling the number of our representatives”.

Emmanuel Macron, “must bow”
With a sea of ​​supporters of the new Popular Front already converging on the Place de la République in the center of Paris, before the Rassemblement National could react, J.ean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the far-left France Insupmissa party, a stronghold of the new Popular Front camp, fired batteries at the Elysee Palace..

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Emmanuel Macron said Mélenchon should “bow down and accept his defeat without trying to get around it” and tasked the new Popular Front with forming a government..

“The defeat of the President is clearly confirmed,” he cried. He reiterated that “the President has a duty to call for a new People’s Front to form the government” and added that the Prime Minister must also “go out”.

… and Atal opened the exit door

With the intervention of the country, Gabriel Atal has announced that he will submit his resignation as Prime Minister to the President this Monday.. He, however, sought to confirm that he was ready to ensure day-to-day management until a new head of government was appointed.
“I did not choose this dissolution,” said the French ruler.

“Tonight, we cannot get a supermajority,” Attal remarked, further stressing that “being prime minister” is the “honour” of his life.

“Therefore, faithful to the tradition of the Republican Party, I submit my letter of resignation to the President tomorrow. I will certainly accept my duties as long as duty requires..

“A new era begins tonight,” he concluded, with the fate of France decided “as never before in Parliament.”

It was 8:00 p.m. France’s clocks (7:00 p.m. in Lisbon) when the country’s media began publishing results predictions: the New Popular Front was leading in the second round, with 172 to 192 national representatives elected. Legislative Assembly – 289 seats in half cycle, without achieving absolute majority.

In a turnaround compared to the first round, the far-right Rassemblement National came third with 132 to 152 elected representatives.While 552 of the 577 seats in the French Parliament were up for grabs, the New Popular Front secured the election of 176 delegates, the Ensemble Presidential Camp elected 154 and the Rassemblement National 140.

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Broadly, on the left, the projections attribute 68 to 74 places to non-conformist France, between 63 and 69 to the PSF and between 32 and 36 to the ecologists.

In the presidential election, Renascenca should win between 95 and 105 seats, MoDem between 31 and 37, and Horizons between 24 and 28.

As for the Rassemblement National’s dominance, the numbers indicated 120 to 136 delegates from this party and 12 to 16 delegates from the Republican Alliance.

Republicans will get 57 to 67 seats.

According to the final results, the New Popular Front won 182 seats in the 577-seat parliament, President Macron’s centrist coalition 158 seats and the Rallye Nationale and its allies just 143 seats. Republicans and other right-wing parties secured 67 seats.

Shortly after the predictions were released, In a statement, the Elysee Palace clarified that the president would wait for the parliament’s “structure” after the review before “taking the necessary decisions”.. In practice, this would push a clarification to July 18.

Eliseu also indicated that Emmanuel Macron would take a “prudent” stance on the distribution of powers arising from the electoral process.

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