The Boeing plane “dive” at high speed and was just meters away from crashing into the ocean near Hawaii – Observer

A Southwest Airlines commercial flight plunged 400 feet (about 120 meters) into the ocean off the coast of Hawaii after weather forced the pilots to abort an attempt to land. The Boeing 737 Max landed at 8 speeds An unusually high speed of over 4,000 feet per minute before returning to a height considered safe.

According to Bloomberg, the US Federal Aviation Agency is investigating the April 11 episode between Hawaii and Lihue, according to an internal report distributed by the airline to pilots last week. No one was injured on the plane, which returned safely to the departure airport in Honolulu.

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The report of the incident comes as investigators say another Boeing 737 Max 8, operated by Southwest, sustained significant damage after performing a “dutch roll,” according to the same news agency. Usually occurs at altitude, where the rear of the plane swings uncontrollably and the wings roll — during a flight from Phoenix to Oakland in May.

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The US air regulator has launched an investigation into Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

From January to May, the North American regulator took control of the flight in the United States 126 complaintsThe Federal Aviation Agency has already announced it will launch an investigation to determine whether Boeing properly performed mandatory inspections on “certain Dreamliner 787s,” given that only 11 were registered in 2023. “An investigation will be conducted into whether Boeing carried out inspections and whether company employees falsified documents related to the flight,” the regulator said.

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