The 8-month-old died at the hospital. Mother accused of killing 3 children

Un eight-month-old baby, who was critically injured by her mother who killed her two other children, died on Friday morning at a children’s hospital in Boston, US.

According to the American press, the woman threw herself out of the window in a suicide attempt after injuring her children and being hospitalized, and now she should also be charged with the child’s murder.

It all happened on Tuesday when the suspect’s husband, identified as Lindsey Clancy, 32, realized the woman had jumped out the window and called 911.

Rescuers found the three children inside the home with signs of severe trauma and rushed them to hospital, where five-year-old Cora and three-year-old Sasan were pronounced dead.

Eight-month-old Callen died on Friday after being hospitalized in critical condition.

The woman was previously charged with two counts of murder, three counts of strangulation and three counts of assault and battery.

Clancy worked as a nurse at a Massachusetts hospital and was currently on leave. Motives for the crime have not been revealed, but the suspect is believed to be suffering from severe postpartum depression.

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