Texas relief for man who escaped from metal cage and killed family

Texas Nimmathi sighed at the end of the search for a fugitive who had escaped the prison van and left the path of destruction by shooting on Thursday, May 12.

Jason Clark, a spokesman for the Texas Criminal Justice Department, described the death of five victims at the hands of one adult and four minors, Gonzalo Lopez, as a “complete tragedy.” “But we sighed with relief because Lopez would no longer be a victim,” the officer told a news conference, announcing that the killer had been shot by officers.

Gonzalo Lopez, 46, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2006 for murder, escaped from a prison van when he was taken for a medical appointment. The driver was stabbed and Lopez is suspected of killing a family of five at a holiday home while fleeing, after which he escaped in a stolen vehicle on the spot.

Human poaching was enormous, the largest in the recent history of this South American state. The man, who has been missing for three weeks, was known to have links to Mexican criminal gangs and prison gangs.

Was able to get out of handcuffs and out of the cage

On the day of the escape – in a mountainous area between Houston and Dallas – the convict, along with armed agents, was transferred from Gatesville prison to another prison in Texas. Huntsville., For medical advice, traveled about 260 kilometers by prison bus.

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Since he was convicted again and again, he had special surveillance, and although he was traveling with 15 prisoners he was kept in a metal cage, handcuffed and handcuffed. Authorities have not yet explained how Lopez traveled with the knife hidden in his body, but said the escapee freed himself from handcuffs, cut a metal section of the structure in which he was trapped, and then managed to enter the driver. Cabin and forced him to stop the bus.

The fugitive and the driver collided on the road, while Lopez stabbed him in the arm and chest, while another armed policeman tried to neutralize the prisoner from the back of the bus. However, Lopez returned to the driver’s cabin, took the wheel and left the two guards behind, punching the rear tire, making it difficult to operate the vehicle. A kilometer later, Gonzalo Lopez abandoned the bus and fled through a forest.

46 thousand euros to capture it

From the very beginning, the Manhunt has mobilized impressive resources and all available police forces, with the support of dogs and helicopters. The days went by with scenes suitable for Western movies, and the operations were not successful. The reward for the information leading to the capture reached 50 thousand dollars (about 46 thousand euros).

Three weeks later, police were alerted by an unidentified man from his relatives and found five bodies in their home. Lopez will be stopped following the chase as the victim’s car is missing and it is precisely behind the wheel of the vehicle. With two guns in his hand, Lopez opened fire on police, but failed. They responded and shot him.

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