Summary of ‘Flor Sem Tempo’: Vera loses her head with Mariana

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Rosa sees Fernando sitting at a table in the club and goes to talk to him. Reminding the winemaker of his promise to help him, he asks for help in finding a job far away. Old Torres accepts and offers to help him find a good job at a good winery.

Caterina is with David at the diving center and they talk about reopening Margarita’s case. Diana enters and the two of them, in disguise, talk about a hospital in Tel Aviv that was willing to help them prove they didn’t owe them anything. Leonor’s daughter leaves and the inspector tells her brother that things are very bad for her and that she wants to run away to avoid imprisonment. The boy advises her to surrender.

Graça watches videos on his cell phone at Casa das Tortas, the volume turned up. Some customers get so upset and leave that Eliza is forced to go talk to her. Belmiro’s girlfriend shows him a video of some pastry chefs in China trying to make the biggest pie in the world, but everything is ruined, and says she has to do it too. Mimi’s mother says she doesn’t have enough money to advertise and asks her to turn down the volume.

Belmiro is with his son, asking questions about Philippa sleeping at home. Jaime says he called his sister because his father wasn’t there. Belmiro says that things will be different if he realizes his mistakes, but the boy replies that Philippa has already apologized, which his father does not accept.

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Vasco finds Ricardo in the farmhouse kitchen, in a state of disrepair. His cousin asks where he’s going with that backpack, and the boy says he’s going back to the clinic because he’s confused and tired of being a bad person. Eduardo’s son tells him that he has a problem and that doesn’t make him a bad person, especially if he tries to solve it. Sebastian’s brother is very depressed and Vasco is afraid that he will do something stupid.

Caterina and Vera pack some bags into the van when Mariana approaches them, saying they must be too shallow to fool everyone. Vera gets nervous, but her sister encourages her to keep calm and ignore it. Mariana continues to provoke them and Katerina is about to lose her head. Vera listens to Mariana’s words, which makes her think about the phone call they made to the JÚLIA project. Jorginho’s mother He grabbed Mariana, beat her and pulled her hair.

Dose is at the diving center with her son-in-law and can’t stop crying. David tries to help him with the baby, but he grabs him, and the diver tells Doss it’s best to go home with the baby. The boy thanks him and before leaving, asks him if something is going on between Gabriel and Philippa. The instructor says he doesn’t know anything.

Katerina tries to separate Mariana and Vera, as she is still weak. The guard approaches and the Valente sisters say that Mariana was there to provoke them. Vasco’s ex-girlfriend replies that she went to ask for the money back because the kid’s story was all a lie and she should have filed a complaint. The agent tells him that the law does not allow them to report each other and orders them to circulate.

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Philippa interrogates Julieta, who says she knows she and Viriato are having an affair. Boss says it’s not true and asks who said that. The girl admits it’s Gremilt, and as she enters, Julieta confronts her. Teodoro’s sister says that Philippa misunderstood and the young woman is upset.

Claudia asks her mother that she is not working and if she wants to do anything or has any arrangements with Antonio. Her mother explains to her that she and her old boyfriend broke up for good, and the young woman feels guilty, feeling that she is the one to blame. The winemaker explains to her that she can only be happy if her daughter is happy too and neither she nor Antonio wants to give up their children.

The Valente sisters tell Dos that Vera jumped on Mariana and beat her. The young woman thinks it was Mariana who called the plan, but Katerina thinks they should focus on cleaning up their image and getting the hospital’s report out everywhere. The brothers regret that the English girl has not answered their cell phone and fear that she will take back what she said.

Mimi enters the club bar to catch the train and comes face-to-face with Sebastiou, who is drinking a canned drink. When Luisa comes to him, the two sit at a table and kiss. Gabrielle’s sister is jealous, and Philippa runs to her, apologizing for being late.

Eduardo talks about Ricardo while his wife and son take care of things for the trip with Vittoria. Confused, the man shuts down the computer and hangs up, which makes his partner very suspicious. Vasco begins to talk about his concern for his cousin, only for Eduardo to quickly tell everything.

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*Episode synopsis is subject to change depending on the version of the soap opera

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