Satellite images reveal mystery of ‘disappearing’ Russian anti-aircraft defenses – Executive Digest

Russia staged a ‘mysterious’ coup and ‘disappeared’ its valuable S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft defense systems in the Kaliningrad region. The equipment, revealed by satellite images, was eventually modified to be used by Putin in the invasion of Ukraine.

According to an investigation by the Bellingcat portal, two cargo planes, an An-124 and an Il-76, were confirmed to have departed from Kaliningrad in early November. Sites for anti-aircraft defense systems, indicating that the S-400 systems have been relocated.

“Where is still uncertain,” a source told the same media outlet.

The investigation comes after several analysts and experts on war topics commented on the increased activity of two military cargo planes, one of which carries the country’s largest strategic military equipment.

Also, Kaliningrad is an important Russian port city in the Baltic region, a separate territory from the rest of Russia of the same name, and borders NATO members Lithuania and Poland.

Some sources say Russia may move S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems to the southern city of Rostov-on-Don, near the border with Ukraine, after Kiev forces destroy these three pieces of equipment using ATACMS systems.

The starting point of the investigation was the considerations of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, which on November 9, in an analytical note, recommended that Russia relocate its missile systems to maintain the security of Ukrainian territory. -Aviation systems, “typically protect remote areas of Russia.”

“Relocating strategic air defense elements will further demonstrate how the conflict in Ukraine is overwhelming the Russian armed forces and undermining its ability to maintain basic defenses across its vast territory,” British Defense said on November 9. Confirm now.

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