Suitcases with remains of two children sold at auction in New Zealand

New Zealand police have announced that the remains of two children have been found in suitcases bought at auction in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

Inspector Tofilau Famanuya Walua said the bodies of the victims, aged between five and ten, were hidden in two suitcases of the same size for years.

“The nature of the discovery complicates the investigation, especially given the time that elapsed between death and discovery,” Valua said.

A family found the bags after buying a trailer full of bulk goods at a warehouse, the official said, adding that the family in question was not related to the death but was “understandably distraught by the discovery.”

Police, who have also called in Interpol, are searching other household and personal items in the trailer to identify the victims.

A forensic team thoroughly inspected the warehouse and property where the bags were found.

“We are doing everything we can to identify the victims” and hold the perpetrator or perpetrators accountable for the deaths of these children, Valua said.

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