Stacy Abrams is the President of United Earth in Star Trek: Discovery

Apparently there are those who envision big and great things for the Georgia governor’s candidate Stacy Abrams. The People’s Democrat played the “President of United Earth” – in the 32nd century – on Thursday Season 4 finale From “Star Trek: Discovery” to help reform the Federation.

The cast was delighted with Abrams’ look.

“We spent a lot of our time freeing up and Pretending to be quiet in the middle of it,” star Sonicua Martin GreenWho is the Plays USS Discovery Captain Michael Burnham on the Paramount+ series, Deadline said. “She’s a legend in the making and an urban heroine, and she’s been so happy to work with her…she’s also made some acting pieces too! It was an honor as a black woman to stand with her in the story.”

Director and Producer Olatunde Osunsanmi told TV Line that “Everyone’s head exploded“When Abrams walked on set” because 90% of the crew didn’t know she was coming. You can just see necks breaking like, ‘What?! Stacy? What’s going on?’ I killed that.”

Abrams is a huge fan of “Star Trek” Quote the dialogue From the long-running franchise when she was first approached by a show representative for an appearance. The show’s executive producer and co-director, Michelle Paradis, told Deadline that it was part of a long-term strategy for the plot.

“We knew we were going to need someone to bring that moment back to life, Chief Earth to say these words—that the Earth wants to rejoin—and frankly, there’s no better person than Stacy,” said Paradise.

Initially, the plan to bring the federation back together this season appeared to be in limbo when United Earth President Abrams told FA President Laira Rillak (Chelah Horsdal) there was “nothing to discuss”.

But she adds with a smile: “United Earth is now ready to join the union, and nothing could make me happier than saying those words.”

Check out the scene above.

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