Shahjada Dawood: The Titan passenger who was already “terrified” of the plane crash

Shahjada Dawood met with his wife in a plane crash. Both said the moment changed their lives.

One of the passengers on board the sinking Titan, Shahjata Dawood and his wife Christine held hands and waited to die. That was 5 years ago. survived. The fear they felt on that flight made Shahjata rethink her life. But that wasn’t enough to quell his sense of adventure.

“Starter [do aviĆ£o] It was uneventful and uneventful most of the trip, but just as the seat belt signs came on to warn us of an imminent approach to landing, the plane took a deep dive. blog. A “deadly silence” took over the room, enveloped in an atmosphere devoid of light and darkness among the storm clouds: “it enveloped us, moved us and inspired fear in some and courage in others”.

“I was scared like I’d never been in my life,” Christine recalled, admitting that she couldn’t wipe away the tears or look around her. She linked her arm with Shahjada, who was “scared” but assured that “we were together”.

At the time, the Pakistani businessman reflected on “all the opportunities he’s missed and how much he still wants to teach his kids,” Christine said. If he survives, he won’t have time to make a pact “with God, with the universe, with anyone who listens” to quit smoking.

The plane reached altitude and landed safely shortly after. “We had survived. (…) It was then that I realized that my life had changed and would never be the same again”, she admits, something her husband felt too.

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On June 18, Shahjada boarded the submersible Titan with son Suleiman. In an interview with NBC News, aunt Azme Daoud said the 19-year-old was “terrified” about the trip but wanted to please his father.

Both died when the OceanGate submarine sank into the wreckage of the Titanic along with three other crewmates. Titan exploded on Thursday the 22nd.

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