Putin’s Russia Seeks Peace After Prigozhin Rebellion

Prigozhin fled Russia late Saturday and sought political exile in Belarus., the regime led by Alexander Lukashenko appeared as a mediator between the number one Wagner group and the Kremlin. However, there is no confirmation of whereabouts and other hypotheses are rife An Escape to Africa.

As for the fate of the mercenaries who advanced into Russian territory on Saturday, The Kremlin is open to them avoiding political or legal consequences. This means approximately 25,000 operators can now sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense. Another scene passed with Russia leaving to fight for other powers in foreign theaters of conflict.

Evgueni Mouravich, RTP’s correspondent in Moscow, summed up the moment of tension in the Kremlin corridors this morning.

Saturday night, after less than 24 hours on Russian soil, from Ukraine. Prigozhin’s men were stationed 200 kilometers from Moscow. The Wagner Group boss said he wanted to avoid a “bloodbath” in the capital and his forces retreated, also abandoning the southern city of Rostov.Putin’s power structures now try to project solidity and normality. The mayor of the Russian capital announced that the “regime of anti-terrorist measures” implemented on Saturday in the Moscow region has already been lifted.

RIA reported on Monday Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, one of the targets of Prigozhin’s ire, visited troops involved in the occupation of Ukraine.. But nothing has yet been heard publicly from the Russian president after the dizzying events of the weekend.

In an interview with Russian public television recorded before the uprising, Vladimir Putin expresses confidence in the progress of the war..

The Kremlin’s strongest man says he believes in achieving all objectives, both military and economic.

“It’s too soon”
In turn, the US Secretary of State expects months of instability in the Russian Federation.

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rebellionIn reports to North American station CBS, Anthony Blinken maintains, “He directly challenged Putin’s authority. So it raises real questions and exposes real divisions..

“We saw more cracks in the Russian facade. It’s too early to say exactly what will happen, but there will certainly be all kinds of new problems for Putin to deal with in the coming weeks and months.“, the head of US diplomacy emphasized, saying that it is “too early” to realize the impact of this episode on the war in Russia or Ukraine.

The Kremlin’s fallout is also taking place on the diplomatic front. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko held talks on “international” issues in Beijing on Sunday..

Moscow says The Chinese interlocutors expressed “support for the efforts of the leadership of the Russian Federation to stabilize the situation in the country in the face of the events of June 24” and affirmed “their interest in strengthening the unity and prosperity of Russia.”.

The truth is that Beijing, as is its tradition, emphasized the importance of Russia’s stability over such “internal affairs” during the Wagner group’s revolt and in the hours following the retreat of the mercenaries.Vladimir Putin will chair a meeting of the country’s Security Council this week, according to Russian state television.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed Russia’s developments in separate phone calls with US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Both reiterated their commitment to support Ukraine.

“The world must put pressure on Russia until the international order is restored”Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

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