Seagulls Steal Cannabis From Street Users ‘Psycho’

VMany seagulls living in England’s seaside towns are feeling the effects after stealing the drug from street eaters.

According to several reports cited by the New York Post, seagulls are particularly fond of synthetic cannabis, also known as ‘spice’.

“Seagulls will take anything,” said Kevin Robertson, 45, of Hastings, “They’ll come after us and take anything we’ve got.”

In humans, cannabis induces a number of effects including euphoria, paranoia, nausea and mood swings. In some extreme cases, the sedative properties of the drug are so powerful that users are compared to ‘zombies’.

However, “a seabird and that drug is not a good combination,” said Azad, another consumer, who witnessed ‘theft’ of the product by birds. “It turns them into psychotic seagulls,” he added.

A British citizen has reported a seagull passed out after stealing his drugs. It became aggressive towards humans before moving onto the pavement.

Despite repeated cases, little is known about how these substances affect seagull behavior.

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