Scotland's First Minister resigns. What is at stake?

A year after his election, Hamza Youssef announced his resignation as Prime Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party after breaking his alliance with the Green Party. Find out what's at stake.

A year after his election, Hamza Yousaf announced this Monday, April 29, that he is stepping down as First Minister of Scotland and as leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP). Understand what is at stake.

Why did Yusuf resign?

Scotland's first minister, Hamza Yousaf, has decided to resign over the crisis that has embroiled the SNP government, breaking the parliamentary alliance he maintained with the Green Party.

The Greens have criticized the Scottish Government for announcing that some of the emissions reduction targets it has committed to cannot be met.

Also, another issue that has divided the two parties is the suspension of allotment of anti-puberty drugs to transgender people.

What happened after Yusuf broke with the Greens?

After breaking the deal with the Greens, the prime minister wants to go ahead with a minority government and expects the former coalition partner to win minimal support. However, the Greens accused Hamza Yusuf of “betraying future generations”.

What did Hamza Yusuf say when he resigned?

“After spending the weekend thinking about what is best for my party, government and the country I lead, I have come to the conclusion that we need to mend our relationship. [do SNP com os Verdes] Beyond the political divide, it can only be done with another person at the helm,” Hamza Yusuf told a press conference.

“I have informed the SNP national secretary of my intention to resign as party leader,” he added.

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The outgoing governor also said he did not regret breaking the deal with the Green Party.

What did the Greens say after the resignation?

Patrick Harvey, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, said the SNP, the largest party in parliament, “has the right to form a minority government”.

“The Scottish Greens have a long history of working constructively in opposition and will do so with any First Minister who shares our progressive values ​​and can defend our convictions,” he stressed.

Now? what will happen?

The party will remain in power for the time being, but the position of First Minister will be occupied by a future leader of the Scottish Nationalists who will be chosen by the party later.

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