Blinken says cease-fire plan presented to Hamas is “very smart” – Current Affairs

“Now the most intelligent proposal is on the table, Hamas has to say yes, this has to happen,” Blinken was quoted by the liberal Israeli daily Haaretz as telling protesters outside his hotel.

Blinken, who arrived in Israel on Tuesday night as part of a regional tour to promote a second ceasefire in Gaza – after nearly seven months of war and more than 34,500 deaths – urged protesters holding signs calling for help freeing the hostages. , America will not rest until they return home.

“We will not rest, we will not stop until you are reunited with your loved ones, so please stay strong, keep the faith, and we will be with you every day until we do,” Blinken said in his seventh visit. region since the October 7 Hamas attack.

The Secretary of State met today in Tel Aviv with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, to whom he reiterated his commitment to reach a cease-fire agreement “now.” A total end to the war, now likely to be a month-long ceasefire.

“We are committed to achieving a ceasefire that brings the hostages home, and we are committed to achieving it now. The only reason we can't do that is because of Hamas. There is a proposal on the table. And, as we said, no delays, no excuses. Now is the time. ,” Blinken said, according to a statement from the Israeli presidential spokesperson.

According to the report, the US Secretary of State wanted to remember the Gazans “who are suffering from the crossfire caused by Hamas” and promised to ensure they have access to food, medicine, water and shelter.

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Blinken is expected to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his office in Jerusalem today to discuss progress on a possible ceasefire.

Hamas's response to the latest counter-offer to the ceasefire is expected in the coming hours and will include the exchange of 33 live hostages for an unspecified number of Palestinian prisoners and the return of displaced Gazans to the north.

After 208 days of war, the Gaza Strip remains in a state of disaster, with 80% of its population forcibly displaced, water shortages and severe food shortages that have brought some 200,000 people in the north to the brink of starvation. Apart from increasing the prevalence of diseases.

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