Russia’s Putin is in poor health, Americans may be liberated

Ukrainian intelligence chief: Putin is in poor health, Americans may be liberated

Ukraine’s top military intelligence official said his country has spies inside the Kremlin, one of several rare disclosures he made in an interview with USA TODAY,

  • Ukraine’s top military spy says the country has spies inside the Kremlin.
  • The head of Defense Intelligence predicts victories in the war with Russia “clear to the international community” by mid-August.
  • Major General Kirillo or Budanov expects to return two American fighters in Ukraine who were detained by Russia within a few months.

Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukraine has a network of spies inside the Kremlin, its army will soon achieve “obvious” victories in its unwarranted war with Russia, and it is likely that US volunteer fighters for Ukraine captured by the Russian army will be released within “a few months,” a senior official in Ukrainian military intelligence in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY “in a prisoner exchange.

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