Russian troops appoint new mayor to Melidopol, oust President Dniprotne – Observer

Russian troops have appointed a new mayor to the city of Melitopol, an area occupied by Russian troops, following condemnation by Ukrainian authorities on Friday of the abduction of President-elect Evan Fedoro. “She is an opposition deputy from the Municipal Council, Kalina Donilchenko,” the regional administration of the city of Saporizia said this Sunday. On local television controlled by Russian troops, Donilchenko said his “main task” was to bring the city back to “default”.

Mayor Ivan Fedorov has been abducted. Zhelensky calls for his immediate release

Although the whereabouts of Ivan Fedorov are unknown, about 2,000 city dwellers took to the streets on Saturday to demand his release. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky also called on the leaders of Israel, France and Germany to press Russian President Vladimir Putin to release the speaker “immediately”.

The newspaper this morning Kiev Freedom Reports of a second Russian kidnapping, this time by Yevgeny Madveev, mayor of the city of Dnipropetrovsk. “War crimes are legitimate,” he said in a statement Facebook page Oleksandr Storuk, Governor of the State of Zaporizhia.

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