Russian special agents want to test exoskeleton in Ukraine – Observer

Russian troops could test exoskeletons in the Ukrainian war, with the aim of making soldiers more resistant and filling shortages of equipment pointed out to those in charge of the Russian military.

Maxim Skokov, CEO of Russia’s Exo Solutions, told RIA that “special agencies” approached the company. Second Be it the Guardian, secret service groups or private military groups – to test their equipment in combat on Ukrainian soil.

“We’re going to test the performance of our equipment with a potential customer at a training camp in November or December,” he revealed, adding that one of the exoskeletons’ goals is to allow weight reduction. For or even for soldiers, heavy weights can be carried without harming their well-being. These robotic suits should also provide more protection to the players.

About 50 are being built a month, the official said, but acknowledged the possibility of ramping up production quickly if there are orders.

In recent years, Russia has admitted experiments with this type of technology, and in 2018 there was a military-technical exhibition where prototypes were shown capable of carrying more weight, but also increasing the fighting ability of soldiers.

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