Russian reaction. Joe Biden and 962 Americans barred from entering Russia – News

The decision comes in retaliation for sanctions approved by Washington against Moscow over Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine.

“We underscore that Washington’s hostile actions will be a ‘boomerang’ against the United States and will be formally rejected,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement announcing the move.

Moscow underlined that “Russian counter-sanctions are inherent in nature and aimed at forcing the US government to try to impose a new colonial world order based on its rules in other parts of the world, recognizing its behavior and new realities. Geopolitics.”

“Russia does not seek conflict, it is open to open and respectful dialogue, it distinguishes the American people, who will always be respectful of us, from American officials, who promote rhetoric and those who serve them. It is precisely these individuals who have been blacklisted in Russia,” he added.

In addition to the president, his second son, Robert Hunter Biden, is on the list of those banned from entering Russia from today.

Top US government officials targeted by Moscow include US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and CIA Director William Burns.

The sanctions came shortly after Washington announced that Biden, who is visiting Seoul, had drafted a bill to provide an additional $ 40 billion aid package to Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine, which continues to be condemned by most of the international community, in response to financial and military aid, such as sending arms to Ukraine and strengthening unprecedented economic and political sanctions against Moscow.

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