Russian McDonald’s is now “delicious and timeless”. 15 units reopened in Russia – Observer

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“Delicious, period.” It was under this position that 15 McDonald’s reopened in Russia this Sunday. They can no longer bear the North American post, and if the logo was already familiar, the brand would only be released this Sunday.

Vkusno and tochka. Saying the same thing: tasty, period. The announcement was made by Oleg Paroyev, director general of the new committee, at a press conference in Moscow.

McDonald’s reached an agreement in May with Alexander Gower, who manages the brand’s 25 owners in Siberia, to keep all the units in Russia and about 62,000 workers, but it had to change stores based on brand or menu. .

Gower’s relationship with the American brand began in 2015. He is a co-founder of the oil refinery NeftechKimServices and a member of the board of directors of another company that owns a collection of Park Inn hotels and clinics in Siberia.

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After announcing the new logo over the weekend – a circle and two lines to mark a hamburger and two fries – it now announces the brand.

One hamburger and two fries. The “new” Russian McDonald’s opens on Sunday and already has a logo

When it reopens this Sunday there will be no queues where McDonald’s operations began in Moscow in 1990. At the time, the inauguration was seen as a milestone in opening the country to the West, with the fall of the Berlin Wall following the end of the Cold War in 1989.

Now, according to reports from Moscow, the situation is a little different, but there are queues.

Fifteen restaurants reopened this Sunday, and another 50 on Monday, with about 200 expected to open by the end of June. McDonald’s had 850 seats in Russia. According to Russian company Rhea Novosti, not all menus are now available to visitors, which the company justifies with logistics issues and the speed with which it can be reopened, which it considers a record time.

The menu does not include popular ingredients such as Big Mac or McFlurry ice cream. What Oleg Paroyev explains: “These names, these brands, these images and product technology are directly related to the McDonald’s brand, and they are unusable. I hope so. ”There was also a need to change some of the packaging so as not to come into contact with McDonald’s.

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