Russian investigators confirm accusations against Ukraine over attack in Moscow, UN worries over Pyongyang's veto: 774th day of war

Russian investigators announced Thursday that the perpetrators of a concert hall attack near Moscow that killed 143 people had ties to Ukrainian nationalists and received funding from Ukraine.

“Investigators have information confirming that the attackers received large sums of money and cryptocurrencies from Ukraine, which were used in the preparation of this crime,” the Russian Intelligence Service said.

The 'jihadi' group Islamic State claimed responsibility for Friday night's attack, but Russian officials insisted on a Ukrainian route. Ukraine has denied any involvement in the attack, one of Russia's worst in recent years.

The group also said the attackers were linked to Ukrainian nationalists, according to a report cited by French agency AFP.

The court has already remanded eight suspects in connection with the attack, including the four accused of carrying out the attack, in pre-trial detention. Suspects face life imprisonment on terrorism charges.

North Korea has returned to belligerence in Ukraine

The 14-year-old U.N. resolution aims to extend the mandate of the Panel of Experts to assess sanctions on North Korea. Russia vetoes annual Security Council resolution

The US rejected the decision, accusing North Korea of ​​selling weapons to Russia in its war against Ukraine. Both the Moscow and Pyongyang regimes have denied the allegations, but the truth is that relations between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un have improved significantly since the start of the invasion.

UN sanctions due to North Korea's nuclear programs and ballistic missile tests on the peninsula.

According to The Guardian, the White House considers Russia's veto “an irresponsible move” and “undermining” security in the region and globally. The South Korean diplomat said the decision was “comparable to destroying a video surveillance camera to prevent it from being activated”.

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Other news

> Russian bombings killed at least three civilians and wounded 15 in Ukraine's south and east, Ukrainian officials said, as they simultaneously announced the arrest of two spies. In a statement, the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) confirmed the arrest of a man who intended to join the Ukrainian army as a cleric to pass military information to Moscow.

> Russian President Vladimir Putin West's statements were described as “absolute nonsense”. Russia is preparing to strike Europe after Ukraine, meeting with military pilots in the Tver region in the north of the country. “It is absolutely nonsense that they are saying that we are going to attack Europe after Ukraine, that is to threaten its people,” Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying by Russian agents today.

> Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his Ukrainian counterpart Denis Chymikal They announced today that they had “made progress” but without reaching an agreement For the dispute over the entry of Ukrainian agricultural products into the European Union (EU) via Poland.

> One A Russian court sentenced him to six years in prison A man accused of posting messages on social media condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a country that has firmly suppressed public criticism of the war.

> The 27 member states of the European Union (EU) today reached an agreement to exempt imports from Ukraine from tariffs, quotas and other trade barriers until June 2025.

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