Russia-Ukraine conflict: Donetsk and Lukansk separatist leaders seek military assistance from Russia

According to Russian state media, Moscow is reclaiming war-torn areas from the occupation of Ukraine, which differs from the Western version, which classified the Kremlin’s troops as an invader.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin ordered “Peacekeeping” Russian military mobilization In the secluded territories of eastern Ukraine, it was recognized as independent.

A few hours later, Russian TV presenters Congratulations on “Historic” Day And announced The end of the suffering of those living in divided areas.

“You paid with your blood for these eight years of pain and anticipation”Leading Olga Skabeyeva told residents of the so-called Donbass in eastern Ukraine during a popular political talk show on state television in Russia on Tuesday morning, “Russia will now defend the Donbass.”

Television commentator Vladimir Solovyev testified Similar feelings On his morning show on state radio Vesti.FM he said, “We will ensure their safety” and “It is dangerous to fight with them now because now we have to fight with the Russian army.”

Channel One has adopted another popular government-funded television station More festive toneSaid its correspondent in Donetsk Locals say this is the best news of the last few years of war”And it said,“ Now Be optimistic about the future and the war of years will finally come to an end.

The renewed intensity of violence in eastern Ukraine has been the scene of eight years of war with pro-Russian separatists. Western nations believe in an immediate Russian invasion.

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