Rescue in Cape Verde. Fifty-six die of starvation

“Until they were found, they wandered for 41 days, and from the seventh day they ran out of supplies, which resulted in the loss of the lives of more than 50 percent of the inhabitants, whose bodies were thrown into the sea as they decomposed.”Lusa describes a report the agency had access to, citing the boat’s captain, who rescued survivors and interviewed its occupants.

The ship, with 101 migrants on board, mostly Senegalese nationals, left the port of Saint Louis, Senegal, on the border with Mauritania, on July 7 and was spotted on August 14 at 7:00 a.m. local time (9). :00 am in Lisbon), 241 kilometers from the island of Sal, the document reports.

The Senegalese government notes that it left Faz Baie, a coastal village between Dakar and St. Louis, three days later on July 10.

After the pirogue was spotted off the Cape Verdean island in the Atlantic Ocean, a fishing boat was authorized to tow it to the nearby port of Palmyra on the island of Sal.

“Of the 45 migrants, seven arrived as corpses and were immediately taken to the mortuary at the Ramiro Alves Figueroa Regional Hospital for identification purposes.” The statement read.

“The total number of survivors is 38, all men, 37 from Senegal and one from Guinea-Bissau, and four teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16.”ending

In its report, the Red Cross describes the work carried out by a diverse team of Cape Verdean officials: from receiving migrants at the port to providing health and medical care, including hosting them in specially prepared tents.

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On Tuesday, Cape Verdean Minister of Health, Filomena Gonsalves, It called for greater international coordination to prevent migrants dying at sea.

In November 2022After a boat carrying 66 Senegalese migrants ran aground on the island of Saal, Cape Verde and Senegal – One of the main countries of origin and transit of migrant flows destined for Europe – They expressed their willingness to strengthen cooperation and fight illegal immigration.

At the beginning of the year, the President of Cape Verde, José María Neves, asked for international assistance aimed at creating conditions to prevent the arrival of migrants and improve their surveillance. Two died after another pirogue landed on the island of Boa Vista with 90 African migrants.

The transatlantic route has regained strength due to border closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated economic crisis.

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