Pro-Russian people begin draining water from the dam to prevent disaster

Pro-Russian authorities in Ukraine’s Kherson region have begun draining water from the Nova Khakovka dam to reduce the damage caused by damage caused by an attack on infrastructure.

“The discharge of water has increased over the past week, so during a negative development of events, the amount of water flowing down will be less,” said Vladimir Leontiev, head of the pro-Russian administration of Nova Khakovka. TV program Solovyov Live.

After Russian and pro-Russian officials warned of a possible Ukrainian attack on the dam to prevent the evacuation of civilians, the official explained that all floodgates were open to carry out a “preliminary evacuation of water”. Ridiculous..

Ukraine’s military intelligence, on the other hand, says Russia exploited the dam in early April and is now mining the gates and supports in preparation for a quick retake of the southern region by Kiev’s troops.

“The maneuvers about hydroelectric power plant attacks since April are completely false,” Leontiev said.

According to Leontiev, the infrastructure is subject to almost daily missile attacks.

“There is no panic, we are calm and ready for any eventuality […]. We will protect the hydropower plant,” he added, while admitting that the impact of the disaster would be more severe if the dam was destroyed.

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“It is better not to think about the scale of the disaster, because it will cover almost the entire Kherson region. Important areas will be flooded, which will cause very serious damage. This cannot be taken lightly,” he said.

The hydroelectric plant was built in the former Soviet Union with a wide range of safety measures, but according to the official, it is necessary to “be prepared for possible difficulties”.

Leontiev acknowledged that if the reservoir dam is destroyed, water supplies to the annexed Crimean peninsula will be cut off.

“Water supplied to Crimea [através do Canal da Crimeia do Norte], since February, was nearly 400 million cubic meters, less than two million cubic meters per day.[emcasodeexplosãoouruturra”disse][emcasodeexplosãoouruturra”disse][வெடிப்புஅல்லதுசிதைவுஏற்பட்டால்அந்தசாத்தியம்இழக்கப்படும்”என்றுஅவர்கூறினார்[emcasodeexplosãoouruturra”disse

The North Crimea Canal, 400 kilometers long, originates from the Khakovka Reservoir and was built between 1961 and 1971 to supply water to the Kherson region and the arid regions of Crimea.

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