President of Ukraine – Foreign troops announced by the Observer There are already Portuguese wars

Many countriesIt has already announced that it will assist in the supply of war materials to Ukraine, including Portugal. Only to protect the borders of the military, EU member states and member states of the Atlantic Alliance. There are already several official Ukrainian websites NGOs List what the country needs and include military supplies. But on the president’s appeal, it is clear that there is a shortage of men. Even the use of martial law and preventing nationals from leaving the country.

400 Swedes and 70 “Samurai”. More than a thousand foreigners have already volunteered to help Ukraine fight the Russian invasion

Through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, many messages are spread from men and women who are interested in fighting. There are also calls for others to follow suit on the grounds that changing the profile picture and placing the flag in the colors of Ukraine is not enough to defend the country in the conflict against the troops of the Russian Federation. Others consider themselves to have come to this newly created unit (although they have reduced profiles and are unable to communicate); Due to the ongoing cyber attacks on Ukrainian diplomatic missions, some more, such as AS, are looking for ways to list their websites due to lack of available information and the failure of diplomatic missions’ websites.

Terrorist weapons on the way to Ukraine. Grenades from Portugal, rocket launchers from Finland, missiles from Germany: who will send what?

TP, a 29-year-old Vietnamese, searched for information around embassy websites and quickly contacted a member of the group created by this new force on the social networking site Facebook. It was there that the Observer found her and spoke to her privately. TP began by claiming that she had already been contacted by the International Brigade and the Polish embassy. She was also told that despite the lack of military training, she could cross the Polish-Ukrainian border and be deported. It said there would be other services it could provide in support of the Ukrainian opposition.

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TP is now waiting for a response on the visa required to leave Vietnam and come to Poland. “They told me I should go to the border between the two countries and whom I should meet there,” he explained in a conversation that was interrupted by suspicion that there was indeed a journalist.

Wanting to help Ukraine, he is willing to pay for the trip out of his own pocket, and DP does not rely solely on his visa. “I want to meet someone here who wants to do this so we can go together. I’m a little scared,” he admitted.

On Monday, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Maliar said she had received thousands of foreign applications. The Observer announced on Wednesday that at least 1,000 people had been listed in the four days following Volodymyr Zelensky’s announcement. “Anyone who wants to join the defense of Ukraine, Europe and the world can fight alongside Ukrainians against Russian war criminals,” the president said in a statement. There were 400 records from Sweden alone and 70 records from Japan, including 50 former members of the Japanese Defense Forces, except two soldiers from the French Foreign Corps.

However, these data were not provided by the diplomatic representatives of this country – through which recruitment passes. According to Globo, the embassy has already received more than 100 requests from Brazilians seeking to join the Ukrainian military, according to Anatoly Takac, Ukraine’s in-charge in Brazil. “There are more than 100 letters, all of which we can not answer,” Tkach said, noting that military experience was required (contrary to information provided by other Ukrainian diplomats around the world) and at least fluent in English.

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