Portuguese snipers ready to leave for Romania – war in Ukraine

This Friday, Army Chief of Staff Jose Nunes da Fonseka highlighted the “short time” that the first National Forces were sent to Romania to leave Figo Maduro on the 15th.

“The first national force sent to Romania was produced under exceptional circumstances,” he said, adding that “a project of a mechanized sniper company within the boundaries of the sewing forward was planned by the end of 2022”, but the conflict in Ukraine “indicates the anticipation of this subdivision”. “The force was able to carry out the demanding, but focused, readiness plan, despite the” short period of time in which all stages were planned and the essential work in progress was carried out, “he added.

The General speaks at the Infantry Regiment (RI) 14 in Visu, where a ceremony was held to confer national standards on the force, which included 221 soldiers, 201 of whom belonged to the sniper company (reinforced with anti-aircraft aircraft) defense module, an information package and a support module). And from the 20 Special Task Force.

In recent years, 14 forces have been ready in the RI to intervene in theaters in East Timor, Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, and there is now a “strong need to plan NATO forces for the eastern part of Europe.” , He considered.

Financially supports Ukrainian athletes
Ukrainian elite athletes affected by the war with Russia can benefit from funds created by the World Athletics Association in collaboration with the International Athletics Federation (IAF) and the Diamond League.
Port hotels No candidates
A month ago, various hotels in Porto submitted jobs on the government’s digital site ‘Portugal for Ukraine’ to support refugees from Ukraine.details
A total of 22 Ukrainian refugees from the Gabriel Pereira School Board in Evora will begin learning Portuguese.Cape Green
The Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Ulisses Correia e Silva, assures that the position on war in Ukraine is “unquestionably condemned”.Day care
A room in the kindergarten and leisure center can have two more children, which is intended to support children coming from Ukraine.
Supports German companies
The German government has announced a plan to help companies affected by the effects of the war. This includes 100 100 billion of government guaranteed loans and € 7 billion of public debt at reduced rates.

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