Portuguese Navy “Ready” for Possible Israeli Attack in Mediterranean Sea


According to the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Gouvia e Melo, the current global situation is “not stable”, but he believes that the Portuguese Navy is ready to “operate and live” in this environment.

Naval Chief assures Portuguese Navy Preparing for a possible Israeli attack in the Mediterranean. Speaking to SIC, Admiral Gouvia e Melo speaks of a worrisome international environment.

The admiral notes that the Portuguese Navy has been operating in the Mediterranean for many years and therefore, despite the situation in the Middle East worsened by the Iranian attack, it will undertake “a new operation” without “any particular or special concern”. against Israeli territory.

Gouveia e Melo notes that in addition to the war in the Middle East, the conflict in Ukraine “worries the international environment”.

“We are concerned about these events and we will act as always in the Mediterranean,” he guarantees.

According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, the current global situation is “not sustainable”, but he says that the Portuguese Navy is ready to “operate and live” in these conditions.

“We are a navy, we are part of the armed forces and we have to be prepared for these eventualities,” he insists.

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