Portugal with “doors wide open” to welcome young migrants and Portuguese descendants – Observer

The Secretaries of State for Work and Sport said this Tuesday in Prague that Portugal has “wide doors” for young immigrants and Portuguese descendants who want to “build a life” in the country.

Speaking at the opening of the 10th edition of the European Meeting of Youth of Portuguese Descent, Secretary of State for Labor Miguel Fondas and João Paulo Correa (Sport) underlined that talent retention is a priority for the government and Portugal. “It’s a competitive country today.”Capable of attracting eligible youth.

“The doors are open to all who want to make a living in Portugal,” said the Labor Secretary.

Miguel Fontes immediately highlighted the “Regressor” project, under which 19,500 Portuguese abroad returned to their country Evidence.

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The official recalled that the scheme meant “very favorable taxation” for the first five years of return.

“Portugal is big enough and needs everyone,” he stressed.

He also noted that commitment to decent work and the fight against insecurity, as well as better wages and better distribution of wealth, are essential conditions for attracting young talent.

In the same way, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, João Paulo Correa, emphasized the economic development of Portugal, “more jobs and rising wages”, “a secure country with a future, with a solid foundation in the construction” of its economy”.

Portugal is seen as a developing economy from an international perspective, one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, where average wages are also growing. By the way, in May, average wages grew faster than inflation, meaning there was a real gain in purchasing power. This is the view of the world, Europe and international economies about our country”, he said.

João Paulo Correa also highlighted Portugal’s commitment to so-called “digital nomads”.

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The 10th edition of the European meeting of young people of Portuguese origin takes place until August 13, bringing together 54 young people and youth workers from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden.

This is a classic event Promotes employment, inclusion and Portuguese-speaking culture among young people.

The theme of the meeting is “Employment in Europe: digital and youth inclusion at the service of the ecosystem”.

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