Pirates are low on salary cap space with many players ready to hit free agency

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Tom Brady’s announcement that he will be returning to the Buccaneers for the 2022 season makes it clear that Target at Tampa Bay is winning now, not rebuilding. But keeping the list together won’t be easy.

This is because pirates don’t have much space, and they have quite a few players who are set to become free agents.

Bucs are currently about $3 million above the 2022 salary cap, according to OverTheCap.com. This means that they have to make a few moves in the next 48 hours just to get around before the free agency begins.

And when the free agency actually starts, they’re at risk of losing more players than they re-signed: in their PFT list. Top 100 Free ProxiesBucs can lose number 9 Carlton DavisNo. 38 Rob Gronkowskinumber 63 Alex Capanumber 64 Leonard Fortnitenumber 72 Jordan Whitehead and number 83 Ndamkong Suh.

After winning the Super Bowl in the 2020 season, the Bucs were able to keep their entire roster in 2021. But that’s not possible this year. Tampa Bay will almost certainly miss out on at least one of the Top 100 Free Agents.

The good news for the Bucs is that they can pump everything in trying to win this year. When the greatest midfielder ever returns for his swan song, you’ll do whatever it takes, whether that means restructuring contracts to push the cover space into the coming years, or trading future draft picks for veteran players who can help now. Just as the Rams went all out and won the Super Bowl last season, the Bucs will be trying this season.

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