Pictures that will chill you: Coldest city in the world records minus 50 degrees

The city of Yakutsk in eastern Siberia, known as one of the coldest places in the world, saw thermometers hit minus 50 degrees this week. CNN International.

Residents of Yakustsk face a Hostile environment to live and work. City, with Less than a million residents live in the diamond mines.

It is winter The climax Even by Russian standards, but Residents reveal the secret to enduring such conditions.

“Dress well in layers like egg cabbage,” says a frozen fish vendor at a local open-air market.

Even so, basic clothing is not enough to survive in Yakutsk. Most houses and buildings are constructed of mud bricks, which are excellent thermal insulators.

The city is located 5,000 kilometers east of Moscow. Residents typically see thermometers below minus 40 degrees. However, according to BBC Some Residents make it clear that there are very cold days, but the thermometers are not powerful enough to measure them.

Winter begins in Siberia It reaches its coldest point in October and January, ending in May.

In June The scene changes drastically. Temperatures can reach 30°C, compared to what A typical day in Acapulco A bathing area in Mexico.

in months SummerThe The sun does not set for 20 hours, and people only have four hours of natural darkness per day Spanish National Geographic.

Experts reveal Serious concerns about high frequency of fires fueled by climate change in the Siberian Arctic.

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