Paul Ure died at the hands of the Russian army after being captured doing humanitarian work – Observer

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Paul Urey was captured by Russian separatist forces in late April and has been in custody since then. According to the family, cited Sky NewsBritton died of illness five days ago.

For our part, despite the seriousness of the alleged crime, Paul Ure received adequate medical treatment. However, due to the diagnosis and stress, Ure passed away on July 10,” said Daria Morozova, who is in charge of separatist rights in the Donetsk region, adding that the British government had “no reaction” after the citizen’s capture.

Ure, according to his family, was a British aid worker. Morozova says that this version is incorrect and, in fact, Ure “a mercenary”The person is suffering from diabetes and respiratory, kidney and heart problems.

In a message shared on Social websitesThe mother, Linda Urey, believed she was He was “absolutely devastated” by his son’s death and described the separatists as “murderers”.

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On April 29, Paul was captured by the Russian military along with fellow soldier Dylan Healy. Both were accused of “mercenary operations” while carrying out humanitarian work in Ukraine.

According to Guardian, Urey was the first foreigner to die in custody Pro-Russian separatists from the start of the war.

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