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Finland and Sweden are preparing for the worst possible scenario: a possible Russian invasion. This Wednesday, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin and her Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson sent a letter to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, emphasizing the “role of the EU” in the collective security of member states.

Both political leaders are attracting attention DocumentEurope’s “current political climate” requires a “strong and ambitious declaration” to strengthen “investment in European security.” “EU leaders must be very united and clear that the EU is a security community.” “The rule of mutual protection is an important part,” they argue.

Finland and Sweden in Putin’s view? Russia threatens “severe military consequences” if countries join NATO

By implementing Article 42.7 of the Convention on the EU, the two Nordic leaders agreed that “member states should use all means to assist other member states.” It has fallen victim to armed aggression in its territory. ”

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Finland and Sweden joined the European Union in 1995, but were not part of NATO. This is now a viable concept for both countries, but it will still take time to implement. The two Nordic countries, which adopted a neutral position on practically all external conflicts until the Russian invasion of Ukraine, They are now gripping themselves with the possible escalation of the conflict in Europe.

Russian threats fail: Finland, Sweden more inclined to apply for NATO membership

At the moment, fears are even greater due to the Kremlin’s recent announcements that Finland and Sweden could face “severe military consequences” if the two countries join NATO. Last week, All four Russian warplanes occupied Swedish airspace – Stockholm promises to be “totally unacceptable” “The definitive diplomatic answer”.

Russia occupies Swedish airspace with four warplanes. Sweden promises a firm diplomatic response

For El Pice, EU sources Signaled The decision of the member states on mutual security will depend on the EU summit scheduled for this Thursday and Friday by the French President. But everything leads to the belief that the demand for military assistance will be recognizedEmbedded in Versace Declaration To be signed in 27.

Another topic under discussion is the EU membership application for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia., These last two countries may be at risk of future invasions by Russia. El País found that the requests were being processed at an unusual pace, but will now be handled separately, and there is still some time to enter the EU.

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