MRI machine vacuums the bed and injures the nurse

UA hospital in California, USA, experienced an unusual situation that raised concerns about its safety practices in the use of magnetic resonance imaging machines.

According to KTVU reports, a patient was ready to undergo an examination using the machine when its magnetic force began to pull the bed the patient was lying on.

During the treatment, the patient fell to the floor and sustained a minor injury.

However, the nurse assisting him was trapped between the machine and the stretcher and suffered critical injuries.

Footage of the incident at Redwood City Medical Center shows the effect of the force that pulled the hospital bed.

Nurse Aina Cervantes remembers the moment when the bed started moving against her and she started walking backwards. The woman believes she could have avoided it, and if it hadn’t, she would have been crushed. Even so, Aina Cervantes suffered a serious injury that required surgery.

The incident took place in February and months later it is still unclear what happened to the machine, which uses magnetic fields and radio waves.

However, it is believed that continuous safety standards are not respected. No MRI specialist was in the room at the time of the incident, the room door was not closed and the security system was never turned off.

“Multiple safety failures (…) created a culture of unsafe practices,” the California Department of Public Health’s investigation said, noting that this was not the first time a medical care error had occurred at the facility.

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