Moscow predicts secession in “many states” and blames the West

On Tuesday, Nikolai Badrushev, secretary of the Russian National Security Council, predicted that Ukraine would disintegrate into “several states” as a result of Western policy. “The policy of the West and the effect of the Kiev regime under its control is only to disintegrate Ukraine into several states,” Badrushev told the Rosicrucian Gazette.

The Russian official stressed that “tragic scenes of global crises in recent years and today are being caused by Washington.”

Badrushev defended Ukraine’s plans for “militarization” during Russia’s “special military operation”, including from the perspective of “the threat to Russia” of the “restoration of the neighboring country” and “the development and use of nuclear weapons.” , Chemicals and Biology “.

“In an attempt to crush Russia, the Americans, using their bodyguards in Kiev, decided to create a resistance to our country, for which they despicably chose Ukraine and, in essence, tried to divide the people individually,” he said. “The only thing that unites the people living in Ukraine today is fear in the face of the barbarism of the nationalist battalions,” he stressed.

Last week, the Russian military not only “liberated” Donbass for the first time, but also agreed for the first time to open a land corridor to the annexed Crimean peninsula and access the Moldovan secession area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTransnistria. -Speaking.

In the early hours of February 24, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine, which has already evacuated more than 12 million people, more than 5.2 million of whom have fled the country, according to the latest UN data. The worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II (1939-1945).

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According to the United Nations, about 13 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The Russian invasion – justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the need to “tenacify” Ukraine and militarize Ukraine for Russia’s security – was condemned by the international community in general, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia. Affects practically all disciplines from banking to sports.

More than 2,500 civilians have been killed in war in Ukraine that began its 62nd day, according to UN figures. Warns that the actual number will be higher than this.

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