More details about the WWE MITB talent meeting

Some other details were revealed about the meeting that took place on Saturday afternoon prior to the Money In Bank premium live event.

according to fighting choice, It was said that the meeting was well received.

During the meeting, Stephanie McMahon told the talent that her door is always open. At the conclusion of the meeting, I thanked everyone.

One old talent told Fightful it was just a staff meeting, where he said a lot of what the talent already knows. It was also noted that not all talents were present.

All three are said to be generally loved by the WWE talent and Stephanie is “liked,” based on what the talent told Fightful.

in a report From PWInsider, The meeting was described to them as a “going” meeting that argued that everyone working in the company was one big family working together.

It was also noted in the PWInsider report, that while Nick Kahn and other executives were here, only Stephanie and Triple H spoke during the meeting. Triple H reiterated that he is back in full-time employment.

As noted, Vince McMahon, Stephanie, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Nick Kahn and Pat McAfee attended last night at UFC 276.

Vince has resigned as WWE Chairman and CEO After allegations were made about an affair he had with a former employee. Stephanie serves as interim CEO of WWE, while Vince continues to play a role in the creative direction of WWE programming.

Results of last night’s Money In The Bank Available here.

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