MLB Wild Card: Velez beat Edmundo Sosa and Billy Walter

How bout this in order to appear?

The Phillies beat the Miami Marlins for the second time in a row on Wednesday behind many of the same characters who took home wins Tuesday night.

Edmundo Sosa and Jean Segura, two of the winning superstars on Tuesday night, led all runs in a 4-3 win on Wednesday, and catcher JT Realmuto was once again a defensive star, shooting a potential thief. Late in a close match and ran a country mile to get trapped in a pop-up in front of the visiting dugout with the game on the line at nine.

The night after Aaron Nola’s 6-game hit for the singles ball, Billy Walter turned in another strong start in place of the injured Zach Wheeler and earned huge acclaim from coach Rob Thompson after the match.

“It was a godsend,” Thompson said.

The win, in front of just 17,755 at Citizens Bank Park, has improved the Phillies to 75-61 and 10-5 against the Marlins this season. Miami lost nine in a row.

In the National League Wild Cards RankingThe Phils maintained their second place finish and increased their lead over Milwaukee to four games with 26 to play. It’s a three-team race between the Phillies, San Diego Padres, and Brewers for second and third place for the wild cards. Currently brewers abroad are looking at.

With left-footed Jesus Luzardo on the hill on Tuesday night, Thompson Sosa started at shortstop in place of left-handed hitter Bryson Stott. Sosa responded with Homer, a double, twice, and scored two defensive gems on the field.

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Phil again faced left at Trevor Rogers on Wednesday. Thompson played a hunch and went straight back to Sosa’s right-hander.

“Coming into the series, I was thinking about playing with him on the first night and Stutt the second night, but Sosa’s night (Tuesday) was so good that I couldn’t turn him away,” Thompson said.

The Benefit player rewarded the captain’s faith with his faith in the second homer on several nights, and only second of the season, for that matter, a two-round shot in the third. Sosa doubled the RBI for seventh. It wasn’t your classic double where the ball bounced off Huskar’s Brazoban glove and rolled into the right court, but who’s complaining? (For the record, Stott will return Thursday night against Sandy Alcantara right.)

One night after hitting an emotional match winner, Segura continued to produce with Homer solo down the left line in the fourth inning.

The Phils played a great defense. Kyle Schwarber and Matt Ferling made great plays in off-court locations. First base team Reese Hoskins and Walter teamed up for a Jewel for the first time in the sixth round and Realmuto, who threw the 23rd and 24th base stealers of the season on Tuesday—one in the top ninth—dropped another one to complete a double hit in the seventh inning. Andrew Bellati got the smash, Realmuto threw and Sosa finished it all off with a nice card game.

Bellati scored five important teams, three by strike. Jose Alvarado and Conor Brugdon finished off the match as David Robertson got a night he desperately needed.

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Brogdon inherited a two-round lead in ninth and allowed Homer to solo and hit a base as things got a bit tense. He received help from Realmuto for the second time of the inning.

Closer Seranthony Dominguez will play Lehigh Valley in a minor league rehab on Thursday. He can’t come back fast enough for this bull. Zach Evelyn may also help. He will play in Lehigh Valley on Friday.

Walther provided walk-free runs of 5 and a half degrees and was allowed to run twice. He was an excellent benefit guy for the junior staff. The team has been 5-0 in its last five games, the last three coming in instead of Wheeler.

Walter, a 25-year-old left-winger, is having a blast contributing to a playoff race.

“It’s so amazing,” he said. “I have work to do here. I’ve been sent a few times, I’ve been here a few times. Let’s make some pitches and win some ball games. That’s it.”

It’s not clear when Wheeler will return to the spin, but it won’t be until Tuesday night when Walter lines up to face the Marlins again in Miami.

Walther proved to be very valuable and could contribute even after Wheeler’s return. Doran Al Velez has shown signs of fatigue and Walther may be an option on the back if the team wants to see the junior roles.

Phils will be looking for a Thursday night sweep behind Kyle Gibson.

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