Maduro claims he has oil for the world, accusing Europe and the United States of economic suicide

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused Europe and the United States of committing economic suicide by authorizing Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.

“The oil that the world needs to act on is in Venezuela,” he said. Nicolas Maduro speaks to the television channel Telesur, in which he explains that “Venezuela has the fourth largest gas reserves in the world” and evaluates what he can do to be “third or second”.

“We have impressive gas in the Caribbean in northern Venezuela. They have all the gas they need,” he said, adding that there is a power in gas and oil throughout South America.

However, the world must end its relationship on the basis of intimidation, threats, coercion and sanctions, “he said.

“Look at what they are doing with Russia, they are allowing Russia and all sanctions against the Russian economy are coming back against the United States, Europe and the world because Russia is an economic, technological and financial power,” the official said.

Nicolas Maduro said, “The world must abandon, especially the northern world, abandon coercion, sanctions and the practice of siege.” .

On the other hand, he explained that Washington and Caracas have taken steps to restore bilateral relations between Venezuela and the United States, but their government seeks to lift all international sanctions.

“The first steps to liaise with the US government were actually taken (…) I received a commission sent by President Biden at Miraflores Palace on March 5, and we had almost two hours of talks, after which a series of steps were taken,” said Nicolas Maduro.

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According to Maduro, these actions take place “sometimes slowly, sometimes very slowly, sometimes less slowly”.

“There is a permanent connection, which is important,” he underlined.

“We have very clear demands: all cruel and criminal sanctions against the Venezuelan economy and society must be lifted, but we can not expect this to happen overnight. The first steps are being taken,” he said.

The Venezuelan president confirmed, “One week ago, the United States took some small but significant steps by granting licenses to Chevron, Italy’s ENI and Repsol. [de Espanha] To begin the process of producing oil and gas in Venezuela and then export to their natural markets “.

“These are light, small steps and as I told this group [dos EUA]Venezuela has the world’s first certified international oil reserves, “he said.

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