Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly after the far-right’s victory in European elections

After the victory of Jordan Bartella, the chairman National Federation (RN) For the European elections, the French president said that he could not pretend that nothing had happened, that tonight’s European election results were not good for his government and that the rise of the far right was a danger to France and Europe. “I decided to give you back your choice of the future with your vote,” announced Emmanuel Macron.

According to the European Parliament’s first estimate, the coalition led by the French president, Renaissance (RE, in its French acronym), came second with 15.2 percent of the vote. The Socialist Party of France followed in third place with 14 percent of the vote.

“I will soon sign the decree for the assembly elections, which will be held in the first round on June 30 and the second round on July 7”The French president announced in a televised address after the announcement of the results that indicated a major victory National Federation (RN).

“A Wind of Hope Has Blown Over France”

The winning leader in the list National Federation In the European elections, Jordan Bartella appealed to Emmanuel Macron to consider the outcome of the European elections, which gave his party a landslide victory with 31.5 percent of the vote. “The President cannot be deaf to the message sent by the French people tonight,” Barthella said, according to BFMTV channel.

The leader of the French far-right, Jordan Bartella, hailed his party’s remarkable victory and considered it Tonight “A wind of hope has blown over France, and it is just beginning”. Newly elected MEP says French voters trust Rassemblement National ““The Supreme Responsibility to Prepare for Change”.

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“This unprecedented failure of the current government marks the end of a cycle and the first day of the post-Macron era that we must build upon.” Said Jordan Bartella who delivered a historic election to the RN tonight.

“We are ready to use power”

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen welcomed Emmanuel Macron’s announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly and call for legislative elections. “Emmanuel Macron Accepts Jordan Bartella’s Demands”, reacted. Le Pen said National Federation Ready to rule.

“We are ready to exercise power if the French people put their trust in us in future legislative elections”, Marine Le Pen said.

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