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Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, standing at 8,848.86 meters above sea level: over the years, reaching its summit has been a challenge for hundreds of climbers, an extreme adventure that has resulted in the death of many.

Of course, going up is not an easy task, but if you leave something on the ground, you have to be very poor or worse, and then go back up: but, in many cases, technology has arrived. To solve these technical problems.

In this case, it’s a milestone reached by Chinese drone company DJI, which has taken the delivery service (literally…) to the next level. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are mainly used to capture images, however, with improvements and updates to these devices, their use for deliveries has become popular.

There is the example of the American company Walmart, which made it possible to receive an order in a few minutes with its delivery drones, or Amazon, which operates a similar service. But DJI took the idea seriously and was able to take one of its drones to Mount Everest and make a delivery.

In collaboration with a Nepalese company, the Flygard 30 drone delivery, carrying three bottles of oxygen and one and a half kilograms of supplies, broke the height record. The journey began at the base camp of the mountain, until reaching Level 1 (about 6,000 meters above sea level) where the cargo was distributed. On the way back, this drone picked up garbage.

The route was not easy and presented many difficulties, the most notable being the need to cross a glacier that separated the two camps. DJI is one of the most advanced drone companies and leads the drone industry for agricultural and forestry applications. Now they want to move on to new applications where, as they say, drones “have the potential to revolutionize the logistics of climbing Everest”.

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After successful tests, the Nepalese government began contracting drone delivery operations to Everest Camp 1 on the 22nd.

FlyCart 30, announced in January, is a complete DJI solution for companies looking to offer cargo delivery services. Until Flycart, companies often had to build in-house solutions or heavily modify existing platforms. The drone can carry up to 30 kg (with two batteries, 40 kg with one battery) and comes with all the comforts of flying a DJI product: intuitive software, easy flight and customer support.

Watch the video Here.

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