Lula da Silva has a day of fury against the EU, says Mercosur must give Europeans a strong response – World

In what appeared to be a day of anger against the European Union, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva used strong expressions in two different situations to refer to the European Union and support Mercosur, a group of countries in South America. The Brazilian took over the rotating presidency this Tuesday, giving a “strong” response to what he called European “threats”, referring colleagues to the signing of an agreement between the European and South American federations. “We will not accept the agreements they (the European Union) win,” Lula said in a speech in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, at the summit of the South American Confederation, made up of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. We (Brazil and Mercosur) lost”, and returned to adopt our aggressive posture against them.

“The additional instrument presented by the EU in March of this year is unacceptable. Strategic partners do not negotiate based on mistrust and the threat of sanctions. Mercosur must provide a swift and forceful response.” – Shot Lula da Silva mentions. Mainly to European proposals to impose trade sanctions on Brazil and other Mercosur countries if they do not comply with environmental agreements related to the Amazon.

Lula added that Mercosur has no interest in signing agreements that condemn the bloc’s countries to an eternal share of exporters of raw materials, minerals and oil. A few hours before the summit, Lula was more aggressive in his tone and speech during another live on social networks and accused “rich countries”. Signing contracts.

“We want to discuss the agreement (with the EU), but we don’t want to impose on ourselves. This is an agreement of allies, of strategic partners, so no strategic partner puts a sword to the other’s head. A partner cannot. Keep threatening, if you don’t do this I will punish you, you will do that. I will punish you if you don’t, because even if rich countries don’t fulfill the agreements they make.” – The increasingly radical Brazilian president has already been shot.

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