Elon Musk Argues Childless Shouldn’t Have Voting Rights – Executive Digest

Elon Musk suggested on Twitter this weekend that childless people should not have the right to vote.

Tesla’s billionaire co-founder said “yes” in response to a series of tweets from user @fentasyl, who argued that “democracy is impossible in the long run without restricting parental voting rights.”

On Saturday, in a comment to an Islamophobic video that claimed single white women were turning France into a Muslim-majority country, Musk said “people without children care little about the future.” It is worth recalling that the owner of Twitter has long expressed concern about the declining birth rate in the United States and the lack of “smart” people having enough children.

In 2022, Musk, a father of nine, wrote on Twitter, “Falling birth rates are the greatest danger facing civilization.” “If every generation of smart people has fewer children, that would be a bad thing,” he said.

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