Leather maker Dbrand is permanently restoring the skins of its leather phones

Leather maker Dbrand announces that its line of adhesive skins for smartphones and laptops is now on sale once again, and this time, it will continue to be a fixture in its products. Online Store. The vegetable-tanned genuine leather was first launched as a limited edition that ran back in December and is now back due to popular demand. 3M Sticky Skins retails for about $34.95 for smartphones and $69.95 for laptops and is available in black, brown, and sepia for more than 100 products, including the Samsung Galaxy S22, iPhones, MacBooks, Google Pixels, and game consoles.

Dbrand says these leatherettes are made of full-grain cowhide, and it’s less than 0.5mm—although it will feel a little thicker than regular adhesive leather. Surfaces were created with a custom adhesive solution in collaboration with 3M that allows for bubble-free application and adhesive-free removal. Although skin laying is not always easy, Dbrand has a new video tutorial for installation It also covers how to care for the skin and speed up the patina process.

For those who prefer to keep their phones in a case, leather for Dbrand’s Grip Case can also be purchased if you want a leather mount on the back. And if that’s not enough for you from the leather lifestyle, Dbrand also sells add-ons and quirks like leather moisturizer, leather key tag, and even a leather cube or pyramid.

With Apple’s recent leather cases leaving many frustrated and the relative dearth of good quality leather case options for other devices, Dbrand leathers might be the next best choice. But if you’re looking for more protection than an extra grip and style points, you’ll want to use the case option.

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