Lampedusa records more than 5,000 visits in 24 hours

On Tuesday, the small Sicilian island, which is closer to the African coast than the Italian peninsula, recorded 110 landings with more than 5 thousand migrants, and since midnight this Wednesday 23 boats have arrived, with almost a thousand migrants. Many of them are waiting at the port, because the Lampedusa reception center (“hotspot”), with a capacity of 400 people, is completely overcrowded with about 6 thousand migrants.

According to the Italian media, there is a real traffic jam in the port of Lampedusa and rescue workers and the Red Cross cannot manage a flow, which stressed the far-right government led by Filippo Mannino, the mayor of Lampedusa. Georgia Meloni called for “emergency measures” such as military intervention.

We have never seen anything like this beforeDozens and dozens of small vessels are attached to the salvage units in front of the harbor and why is it necessary to “one Military intervention“.

During an operation carried out this morning by the Coast Guard, some 46 migrants on the boat fell into the water And were redeemed, but one A five-month-old baby drownedAnd his body has already been recovered.

Since the beginning of the year, a total of 116,028 migrants have landed in Italy, more than double the number in the same period last year (63,498), according to the latest official data released by the Interior Ministry.

Lampedusa, a small island of 20 square kilometers with a population of about six thousand people, is just south of Italy and has become one of the main points of entry into Europe, often sub-Saharan, crossing the Mediterranean on dangerous ships. through networks of smugglers from Libya and Tunisia.

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