Kremlin Propagandist Defends Russian Control of US Bases in Europe, Including Portugal – Executive Digest

One of the Kremlin's top propagandists has argued that Russia should occupy US military bases in Europe, including Portugal, so that Moscow will never become a target for European threats, British newspaper Daily Express reported.

On one of Russia's most-watched TV shows and quoted by the British tabloid 'Pivot' as a supporter of President Vladimir Putin, campaigner Vladimir Solovyov advocated live “withdrawal of US occupation troops from Europe”.

“In this way, we will be sure that Europe will behave in a more dignified manner and that no threat to our state will come from European territory,” Solovyov said in an intervention described by a British newspaper as “inflammatory”. A passionate tone”.

In a video shared by the news website Nexta on the social network X, Solovyov said Moscow should “capture North American bases in Germany, Italy and Portugal.” [Base Aérea das Lajes, na ilha Terceira, no arquipélago dos Açores]”.

“I think that all American occupation troops should be withdrawn from Europe, and American military bases should be placed far from the territory of the Russian Federation,” the host said during the “At Night Vladimir Solovyov” program.

“For example, it is entirely possible to occupy a portion of the American-made military bases in Western Europe. We may very well be stationed at the bases in Italy. But Ramstein [Alemanha] It could be our base,” he added.

Ramstein is a US Air Force base in Rhineland-Palatinate, southwestern Germany, and serves as the headquarters for US troops in Europe and Africa and the Allied air force headquarters for the Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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Solovyov's statements come as the Russian president is reportedly preparing for a “future large-scale war” with NATO, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) think tank recalled.

ISW recalled that Putin “threatened Finland and the wider NATO alliance” on Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1 earlier this month.

In this sense, the US think tank continued, the Russian military is currently reforming the Western Military District (DMO) into the Leningrad Military District (DML) and the Moscow Military District (DMM) “in a long-term restructuring and expansion effort aimed at preparing Russia for a full-scale conventional war against NATO.”

“The DMO is responsible for Russia's border with NATO members Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, but is heavily involved in the fighting in Ukraine, where it has suffered significant losses,” ISW highlighted.

On the other hand, Daily Express recalled that US President Joe Biden said earlier this month that Russia would be ready to attack NATO if it wins the war in Ukraine, which entered its 672nd day today.

Biden, the British newspaper continues, warned that “if Putin conquers Ukraine, he won't stop there,” adding that a Russian attack on allies could lead to “American troops fighting Russian troops.”

In this context, Putin was quick to dramatize Biden's statements, arguing that Russia has “no desire” to attack NATO.

“It's complete nonsense and I think President Biden understands that Russia has no reason, no interest, no geopolitical, economic, political or military reason to go to war against NATO countries,” Putin told state-owned Rossiya in a televised interview.

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