Juanita Castro, sister and adversary of former Cuban leaders Raul and Fidel Castro, has died.

“Today, Juanita Castro left us, an exceptional woman, a tireless fighter for the cause of Cuba, which she loved so much,” wrote on social media, journalist Maria Antonita Collins, who wrote the memoirs of the deceased, who lived in Miami. 1990s. 1960s.

Juanita Castro left Cuba in 1964 after a disagreement over the direction of the Cuban Revolution with her brothers Fidel and Raúl, who died in Havana in 2016. He was exiled to the United States, where he publicly denounced his brothers’ work leading the island and collaborated with the CIA under the pseudonym “Donna” in plans to overthrow them, which Juanita admitted, opening a dispensary in Florida. He worked there for decades.

It was difficult to cope with the fact that she was the sister of the leaders of communist Cuba and in exile in Florida, she said in her memoirs, “Fidel and Raúl, my brothers – the secret story.”

“Doubtless I suffered more than any other exile,” he wrote, “because no one anywhere in the Florida Straits gave me respite, much less understood the irony of my life.” “For people in Cuba, I was an outcast because I left and denounced the established regime. To many people in Miami, I was someone who was not ‘Greta’ because I was Fidel and Raúl’s sister.”

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